Friday, May 21, 2010

Paulus in the Mix

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

No doubt about it Greg Paulus is a possibility for a Mt. St. Mary's assistant position. Numerous sources have told us what BG first reported was indeed correct.

The Paulus family from Syracuse NY has always had huge ties to the Georgetown program. Greg's father Dave, and his four older brothers are Georgetown alums, and all four brothers played either football, basketball or lacrosse there. So what we know about Greg is that he was always a gym rat - and loved to play the game of basketball - so meeting Mt. St. Mary's head coach Robert Burke on one of his trips to the nation's capital when Burke was an assistant there isn't too far-fetched.

Look, we'll be honest, we don't openly root for Duke - and we despise Georgetown. It's one of those things that if Sean Keeley didn't include in his book about How to raise an Orange, he should have. It just all doesn't go together. Not one bit. So when Paulus, who had bypassed the Orange, as had his brother, who is a backup QB at North Carolina, returned to lead the Orange as a graduate student quarterback - after four years as the Duke point guard, we weren't all that excited.

But the guy won us over. Won us over big time. He didn't lead the Orange to a bowl game. That would have been too much to ask. But he did get them back to the verge of respectability and he set a foundation for the Orange to build on.

The word on Paulus was that he was a tremendous leader. How that translates into coaching, nobody can be certain? But I'd take my chances that it would work out ok - maybe better than ok. Because last year at this time there were a lot of people betting against Greg Paulus - and through the course of the football season, he made a lot of those people look pretty silly.

I don't know who the other candidates are - but The Fan Blog fully endorses Greg Paulus for a seat on the Mount bench - even if that means the The Fan Blog is no longer the strongest connection between the Mount and the Cuse.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tids and Bits

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

The Orioles enter play tonight 13-28, that means they've won 11 of 23 since their 2-16 start. 11-12 isn't so bad is it? But when you throw away the first 18 games of the season (and I know you can't do that) they aren't that bad are they?

Of course the offense has been anemic -- and the pitching hasn't been good enough. But guys like Jeremy Guthrie, Kevin Millwood and Brian Matusz have pitched better than their records indicate. The pitching is still lining up for the Orioles, Chris Tillman and Jake Arrieta look set to graduate from AAA this summer - and Zach Britton is the top Oriole prospect at AA. But there isn't any offense on the horizon. Both Josh Bell and Brandon Snyder have struggled in Norfolk after impressive springs - and the middle of the diamond doesn't have anyone pushing to break through either. I think the Orioles thought the were set with an outfield of Markakis, Jones, Pie and Reimold for years to come. But it doesn't look so good now. Only Markakis has even come close to the expectation - and Pie continues to be one injury after another.

Playing in the NL - or least away from the East Coast might help. Can you believe San Diego and Cincinnati are Division leaders at the moment? But let's face it, the Orioles have too many holes to even think that having to play 35% of its games against the Yankees, Red Sox - and the Rays (the best team in baseball) is the problem. But then again if they were playing Milwaukee, the Cubs, and Pittsburgh the majority of the time, they might be able to develop some confidence. Or they'd at least be closer to that 11-12 record of the last 23 games - which would at least make you want to turn on the TV.

According to BG - Greg Paulus was on campus for an interview today. My Syracuse connections couldn't confirm anything for me yet, but the consensus was that it would be a good move. Paulus is a leader in every sense of the word. The Orange quarterback led SU to a 4-8 record in Doug Marrone's first season, including a win over Rutgers. For the record, we're in favor of it - anything that connects the Orange to the Mount is a good thing as far as we're concerned.

Lacrosse sort of connects them - and there were some who were saying, the Mount's inclusion in the tournament cost the Orange. Because the thought was that had Siena beaten the Mount in the MAAC Final - then Siena would have gone to the Carrier Dome - and Army or perhaps Loyola would have been in Charlottesville. Just a thought.

BG also mentioned that he doesn't expect Justin Burrell to remain committed at the Mount. My information on that was a little more positive. I got the sense that Burrell was still mulling things over - but whatever he did - he wanted to play next year. He can't do that at Holy Cross - as the Crusaders don't have a scholarship available.

As of now the Mount has at least one scholarship available - with the defection of Donte Morales. There is also the possibility that Tayvon Jackson, who has finished his undergraduate work, will forego his final year of eligibility - but were waiting on official word on that decision. Getting players this late in the game is not usually the best way to work the system. But in recent years the Mount has had success with Pierre Brown and still has high hopes for Kristian Krajina. You may recall John Schwarz never played a minute after being a similar recruit.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Burke Press Conference Live

You can watch the Robert Burke introductory press conference live at 2pm Eastern Time Monday on

468 x 60 Waterford Crystal

And of course you can come back here later in the day to post your thoughts (and read mine) on the introduction of the new Mt. St. Mary's basketball head coach.

1:57 - 3 minutes to start - and the media is packing the conference room. No sign of Stan Goldberg, but there are two scribes in attendance.

1:58 - I'm really hoping there is audio with far I've heard nothing....almost like I have the mute button on. I checked that, ok on my end. But no audio would be a major downer.

2:00 - We've waiting 3 weeks for this - so we can wait some more...and now we have audio.

2:02PM - Folks filing in, including many members of the team. Saw Lamar Trice, looked like Pierre Brown. Are those kids on the left hand side Burke's? They fill the whole row.

Key Points - 5 year contract

2:13PM - Burke now at the microphone - noted that all players are on board. "About the University finding someone who can help them (the players) accomplish their goals."

"People forget my time at Siena where we were in the Top 5 offensively my three years there and pressed every possession"

"Coach Brown left a great foundation. A great defensive foundation. But with some of the things I've been around offensively, we're going to look to improve that."

No assistants in place at present time.

Suggestions for Robert Burke

Robert Burke hasn't called me about the way he should run the Mount basketball program. I'm not expecting the call. But I'd answer it. Either way, I figured I'd give him a few suggestions - because he should be reading.

Satellite Dishes, Multiswitches, and Amplifers at Solid Signal

Despise Jimmy Patsos - we know all about that coaching fraternity thing. We know how you all stick together. And we know he was a long-time assistant, just like you were, before he got the Loyola job. But we don't like him. Don't like him at all. He's all about the attention he gets - and making sure he gets it. The best way to do that is win games - Patsos can't do it - so he does other things. We don't like that. The student section calls him "Psycho" with good reason. And the fact he coaches Loyola makes it even worse. We hope that you never go through a one-win season, but if you do - make sure the W is Loyola.

Schedule Gettysburg in the preseason - the rules have changed in college basketball - and teams can play non D-I opponents before the season and not have it count. They can also schedule scrimmages during that time period. That has been the option Milan Brown took. Two scrimmages. Closed Doors. In recent years - one against Morgan State, one against UMBC. We say dump one of those, and play a home game against Gettysburg. There are plenty of Mount fans that cross the Mason-Dixon Line to come to home games, many from Gettysburg. Give us all an early look at the team - and generate some buzz by playing the game that used to be a huge rivalry. And if you happen to lose (think Lemoyne) remember it doesn't count.

Get Holy Cross on the schedule - Patriot League teams have been a fixture on the schedule recently. We like that fact. It's a non-conference game against level competition. Let's get a series going with Holy Cross - and find out if that job really was a step up.

Get a shooter - I'm speaking for most fans here - get somebody who can just shoot the lights out...a Mark Scallion, Kevin Booth, Rusty Rauh, Chris McGuthrie type. Somebody who can find a home at that 3-point line and let the crowd count along with Rick McCauslin.

Play tough competition - and at home - We know that big schools don't like to come to the ARCC. We know why. Heck Jim Boeheim told Coach Phelan, he wouldn't play there for $100,000. But when good competition comes - like Niagara, Vermont, Navy, James Madision, Lasalle, Butler and Delaware in recent years, the crowds have come out as well. So we know there have to be $$ games on the schedule, but pick those home and homes wisely - and get some good competition in our barn.

Play the Area D1's - We already suggested dropping a scrimmage with UMBC or Morgan State. Why not pick one of those up as a game? Keep playing American, Georgetown, George Mason, Navy etc. Add a Coppin State, UMES, Drexel or Duquesne. Give the fan base a chance to goto those games - and give MASN an excuse to pick them as well.

Don't forget to recruit North - The majority of players in recent times come from the south. And that is fine - they've been plenty talented. But the league is north - the alumni base is north - and the student body is generally north. And they play some pretty good basketball in District 3 of Pennsylvania which is just north of the campus. Rumor has it there are some big time players at the Area PA high schools, whose college eligibility starts soon. The staple may have to be South - and the DC/Baltimore Metros - but a player from South Central PA, Philadelphia or Jersey each year wouldn't be a bad thing.

Connect with the Past - The Mount has a great basketball tradition. We're not asking you to be the next Jim Phelan. We'll settle for 700 wins. But use the resources that are available. There are a lot of folks who love Mount basketball - and a lot of folks willing to help. We know this is a New Era of Mount Basketball - and we want to embrace that. But we won't ever forget the past - and we don't think you should either. An assistant coach with Mount ties would be a great start. Somebody like a Paul Edwards, Sam Atupem, Riley Inge, Fred Carter or Silas Cheung.

Read the Fan Blog - Seriously, if reading a Richard post doesn't get you fired up or understand the passion of Mount fans - the whole thing may not go well for you here. Because I'll tell you what, I've been at games where there were 33,000 people - and the noise was just unbelievable - and the level of play was high and the fans were spectacular, but no more passionate than what you see at the Mount. The Mount has good  great fans. From the days of Memorial Gym to the NCAA Tournament - this is a fan base - and a student body that will embrace you. Winning won't hurt - but you'll have friends either way. So read the Fan Blog where those fans interact and talk about all things Mount. And occasionally we might throw out a good idea as well - and we won't take the credit if you use it.

Friday, May 07, 2010

My reaction to the Robert Burke hiring

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

If you've followed along over the last 2 1/2 weeks - you know that I've tried to figure this thing out from all angles. And if you were paying attention, you know that Robert Burke was the first name I mentioned.

The longtime assistant coach has ties to the area - and has been on the short list of a lot of jobs in recent times. Still young, but not as young as some of the others on the candidate list, Burke has worked the DC area with Georgetown and American the last six years.

I'm sure there are some valid concerns about Robert Burke. There would have been some with any coach who was hired. Personnel changes at this level - or any level for that matter - are never slam dunks. But Burke has shown a lifelong commitment to the game - and has been regarded as one of the top of his profession.

The Mount could have taken the path that the high-mid majors have taken and kept the continuity of the program flowing. Xavier, Butler, Gonzaga have all promoted from within and kept the program rolling. Brion Dunlap was a more than adequate choice to continue on in that fashion. But the University's administration made it fairly clear right from the outset that change was forthcoming.

Will that change be good? We'll have to wait and see how that all plays out. Burke will inherit a team that lost 3 key players from last year's NEC semifinalist. In addition, one of the three incoming recruits has already stepped away from his commitment and will play elsewhere (UNCW). Keeping the other two recruits and possibly trying to replace Morales should be priority #1.

Burke was impressive during the process and impressed the committee. Word at Mount U (who first reported the news) was that he impressed the players and they were much more upbeat after meeting him last night.

Change in the coaching position doesn't always bring success. However, based on the effort that the Mount put into this and the process that was followed, I think they've done the best they can to try to ensure that success.

Robert Burke was chosen from a pool of extremely qualified individuals, his reputation throughout the game is a good one - and he deserves this opportunity. He is now our coach - and I'm behind him.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Robert Burke named Mount Basketball Coach

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Robert Burke has been named head basketball coach at Mt. St. Mary's it was announced on the school's athletic web sit just after 5pm today.

Burke who spent the last year at American University, was also part of John Thompson III's staff at Georgetown and Princeton. In addition, he has been an assistant at Loyola Marymount, UMBC and Siena.

Burke was selected from a rumored group of four finalists after a more than 2 1/2 week search to find a successor to Milan Brown, who left to be the head coach at Holy Cross.

Burke will be introduced at a press conference on Tuesday  Monday at 1pm.

Burke is highly thought of throughout the basketball community and drew recommendations from among others, Thompson and former Mount guard and Jacksonville head coach Cliff Warren.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

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SU finalizes football schedule

I'm not a big fan of playing 1-AA's at all, let alone two in one season. The NCAA has given teams an opportunity to play more games (11 to 12) and teams have stacked that with an extra W - instead of playing high quality opponents - which would help resolve the BCS quandry - and keep the bowl system intact. However, non-losable games for BCS opponents are common - and it leaves us with more questions at the end of the year - and an even greater need for an NCAA playoff.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Is Today the Day? - UPDATED

Written for your enjoyment by:Raff

It is looking more and more like the information gathering process of the Mount coaching search is done. Now it comes time to make a decision. The sources I have been monitoring lead me to believe this to be the case. I have no idea if this is in fact certain, call it a hunch based on the info I have. Sort of funny that BG thinks the same thing over at Mount U

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The candidates as we know them...

Brion Dunlap - assistant coach Mt. St. Mary's
Mike Rhoades - assistant coach Virginia Commonwealth, former head coach Randolph-Macon
Pete Strickland - assistant coach NC State, former head coach Coastal Carolina, former assistant DeMatha
Martin Ingelsby - assistant coach Notre Dame
Kurt Kanaskie - assistant Penn State, former head coach Drake, IUP, Lock Haven
Chris Harney - head coach St. Mary's MD
Rob Moxley - former assistant coach Charlotte & Maryland
Jamion Christian - assistant coach William & Mary - former Mt. St. Mary's player
Cliff Warren - head coach Jacksonville - former Mt. St. Mary's player
Robert Burke - assistant American - former assistant Georgetown

That is the list that I've compiled that seem to be the most serious contenders to named Mt. St. Mary's head coach in the next 24-72 hours. Could there be others? Certainly. Could someone among those names not really be a part of the process? - possible as well.

If we hear anything solid....we'll be sure to let you know.

It's late in the day Tuesday - so it doesn't look like the announcement is going to come today. Actually, I've been hearing it probably won't come tomorrow either. Seems like the decision making process is going to drag on.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Still Waiting

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Day 17 of the interim period between Milan Brown's tenure as Mt. St. Mary's basketball coach and the naming of the Mount's next head basketball coach. Here at The Fan Blog we're still waiting, patiently we might add, to find out who the new coach will be.

Former Mount signee Donte Morales is no longer waiting. He committed to UNCW over the weekend. BG has the scoop over at Mount U. Very disappointing, I was really looking forward to seeing Morales in the Blue and White. And I wish he would have waited to commit until after the new coach was chosen and he had the opportunity to speak with the new staff. A commitment is non-binding -- so maybe there is some hope - but it doesn't sound like this is going to end well.

Some things we've heard that may or may not be new news....

  • The search is still ongoing. There is at least one interview scheduled for this week.
  • It sounds like some people involved in the process want a fresh approach
  • Someone from Duke has inquired, I'm guessing Wojo - and might very well be part of the equation.
  • Rob Moxley's name seemed to be one of the hotter ones I heard this weekend. Moxley was a former Maryland assistant who was the Associate Head Coach at Charlotte this past year.
  • There still seems to be a lot of buzz about the possibility of Kurt Kanaskie
  • The name Martin Ingelsby won't go away either. The Notre Dame assistant has a lot of backers.
  • I wouldn't expect any announcement until tomorrow (Tuesday) at the earliest
The other big news of the day is that it sounds like Rutgers and Mike Rice are getting very close to a deal that would make Rice the Knights Head Coach. That would leave another vacancy in the NEC. The folks at Colonials Corner are asking for assistant Tim Toole to be named the head coach if in fact Rice does leave. I've said all along this is the job Rice was waiting for.

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Out of the Past 25 years ago - from
Former Norwalk High basketball great Margaret Diaz was named the new head coach of the Sacred Heart University women's basketball team. Diaz spent this past season as an assistant coach at the University of Bridgeport under Don Foust, her former coach at NHS. Diaz became was city's first 1,000-point scorer in girls basketball, and then went on to become the all-time leading scorer at Mount Saint Mary's College with 1,995 points in only three seasons.

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Live Blog - Mayweather vs Mosley

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

It's been awhile since I did a live blog of a fight. But this is the biggest fight there has been in quite some time, and just about the biggest fight that can be made right now. The prelims are all done in Vegas and the Main Event will be forthcoming. I'll take you through Mosley and Mayweather as the punches are thrown in Vegas.

Both fighters are still in the dressing rooms. Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya both were just introduced to the crowd. Little bit of a hangup backstage with the wrapping of Shane Mosley's hands - so there may still be a delay before the start.

Muhammad Ali was just announced - he got a standing ovation - good stuff.

5 minutes or so before introductions. Probably 15 - 20 before the first bell.

Chris Brown singing the national anthem - ever so slowly, the introductions upcoming.

Sugar Shane Mosley has been introduced to the crowd and is marching down the aisle on his way to the ring.

Mosley has made it the ring. He's in black and a sort of aqua. That is the best way to decribe it.

Mayweather has started his march to the ring - or no he hasn't - Mayweather has decided to make Mosley wait. He is saying he wants some Circus Act.

Remember when Floyd was Pretty Boy - now he goes by the moniker Money. Go figure.

Mayweather is in the ring now - and Michael Buffer is doing what he does best....introducing the fight and everything else.

Kenny Bayless is the referee.

Buffer said aqua - told you so. Mayweather is in black and red. The ring is clearing.

Round One - There wasn't a lot of action. Both fighters trying guage the speed of the other. Mosley did a little bit more and if the round went to anyone it was Mosley. Mosley did put his gloves on the canvas...but it was ruled no knockdown.

Round Two - That was a huge round for Mosley. Mayweather was hurt early...and then staggered, weebled wobbled but he didn't fall down. But Mosley came over the top and nearly knocked him down. Terrific sequence of events for Mosley.

Round Three - A good response from Mayweather. He boxed a little bit more that round and Mosley didn't get in on him there. Mayweather didn't really do much to bother Mosley...but he did clearly outbox him and he defended well.

Round Four - Mosley didn't do nearly enough in that round...and Mayweather absolutely dominated him. He just clearly outboxed him. Round Two Mosley was able to hurt Mayweather...but that seemed to wake Mayweather up - and then get back to the boxing style.

Round Five - Mosley just do not doing anything. He is not pressuring Mayweather at all. Mosley closes the ground between  the two fighters but doesn't attack. He needs to walk Mayweather back. But Floyd is just so good. And Floyd landed some good strong punches as well. It's looking easier for Floyd if he just keeps boxing him - and that is what his corner is telling him. Mosley looks tired as well.

Round Six - At best for Sugar Shane....he's down three rounds to two...but it could be 4-1 on some cards. A little bit more activity from Shane this round. Attacking a bit more...but then he hesitates. Mosley needs to make it a fight and not a boxing match...and Floyd lands a big right....He is lightning quick...The hand speed of Mayweather is incredible. This was a close round for awhile, but Mayweather won it late. I have it 58-56 after six.

Round Seven - Mosley needs to rally - and he has a chance to win this round in the last minute forty five seconds....but Mosley seems worn down and Mayweather just snapped Mosley's head back with a few punches. Mayweather is in total control of this fight. Mosley can't off with his punches and Mosley looks like he has been off for awhile - and of course he has.

Round Eight - Mosley's corner telling him they need to see something from him. Mayweather is just outboxing - and almost outclassing. Floyd is talking right now after drilling Shane - after Shane tried to touch gloves. He just drilled Mosley with a lead right. Mayweather is clearly dominating and there is little hope of an upset. At this point he probably needs a stoppage...and he shows no signs of having any chance at that.Shan

Round Nine - Shane Mosley has quick hands. But they look terribly slow tonight. The credit to Mayweather there. And even that round was closer. Mosley kept things going that round a little bit more - but Mayweather landed the better punches and I think most likely won the round.

Round Ten - Mayweather doing his best to keep from letting Mosley hit him with that one big shot. But I'm not sure if Mayweather stood in the center of the ring hands at his side, Mosley could knock him out at this point. Mosley just looks tired and there isn't a lot behind the punches. And he's taken quite a few punches.

Round Eleven - The only clean punches that are landing right now are from Mayweather. Mosley landed just 6 of 40 punches in the tenth round. There haven't been many questionable rounds - so when this goes to the scorecards in about 4 minutes, I don't think there can be any doubt. Mayweather has just put forth a great performance....and it has been another Floyd night.

Round Twelve - There was even a spot near the end of the fight hat Mayweather brawled with him. Mosley put forth the effort, but Mayweather was just way too good. I have it 118-110 - and I don't see how it could be any better. It looks like both fighters know the result as they stand in the center of the ring.

Results....Money Mayweather wins a unanimous decision 119-109 on two cards, 118-110 on the final card. And that seems about right. Mayweather just dominated.

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