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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everything College Hoops: Northeast Conference Men's Basketball 2012-2013 Team by Team preseason preview..

Everything College Hoops: Northeast Conference Men's Basketball 2012-2013 Team by Team preseason preview..:

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  1. Can't these writers do a little research?

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  4. well Harry, maybe they should have only inlcuded our savior the wonderful Rashad Whack!!! I am going to be having many Rashad Whack--Attacks in the future lol. he is my favorite of all the new guys!! oh well as far as that other blog about Mpunt prospects referred to in this thread--at least someone chooses to use their valuable time to communicate about te interesting world of college basketball- especially the low major conferences such as the NEC. we can never have enough of them, much better than reading constantly about the Mafia 'wop' Calipari. so who is your favorite new guy Harry? i know, it is Danaher isn't it? hahaha

  5. Harry.....What research are you referring to? On The Post it says....Key Newcomers Correct? Whack,Prescott and Gregory are going to be the keys! I'm not saying Wiggins will not be but bigger impact from the others!!! Danaher shouldn't even be mentioned as Key Newcomer, The homeschooled boy will No Doubt score a minimal 3 points a game, I mean really he is Tall and lanky and will get ate up by opponents!! Everyone should be praising that blog mainly because it offers Low D-1 info.

  6. Whack was a great shooter in HS and he didn't get a chance at GMU, so you might be right on. But, in practices and with his record at Marist, Prescott was simply the best player on the team last year, hands down.

    I like the transfers two, Wiggins and the other three recruits, Parker, Danaher, Norfleet.

    I think Barber will contribute and I still hold out hope for Krajina. Castellanos will be a good backup point.

    Owens I simply didn't see enough of to predict.

    Let's see - that makes 13. That's the whole team!

  7. @ Joe - you should talk to JC about Danaher before you criticize. He may average 3 a game but if Prescott and Norfleet are scoring 20 each and Parker 12, Whack 12, Wiggins 8, Barber 6, Castellanos 4, Owens 2, that leaves all three of the tall recruits and who knows what they will bring?

    The name of the game is teamwork. Add spirit and the excitement of the new coach and all of us as supportive fans.


  8. @jab I agree 110% on Team Spirit and Teamwork!!! I may criticize only because that is my sole opinion, from seeing Taylor my prediction is he will be a bust, but hey I guess we can wait for the season and if I'm wrong than good because as a lifelong Mounties Fan I'm ready to see Another winning team!! Heck who knows maybe Danaher will turn out to be another Gerben Van Dorpe!!

  9. hey, let's hope Big Danaher will read this blog and take some motivation from us doubters to prove us wrong!! Other than that, here we are in May, still many months away from the new era, and we still have good spirited talks and hopes for next season- cool!! And....I would have thought most of you would be going wacko about the mighty Orioles instead, lol. It sure is nice to see them doing well though isn't it?

  10. And again, who has seen Danaher play? I heard last year he played on the practice squad against the starters and who was on his team every practice? Whack, Prescott to name a few. They formed a good bond, learning each other on the floor. It has got to help this year.

  11. Mike---- What I said was only just my pedictions that is all. Hopefully you are right too, because that would mean a balanced team both inside and outside. I have just been pretty good with predictions lately that's all. Hey Harry, you may very well be correct about Prescott being the best. He is already a proven player too. I guess I am also simply rooting for Whack also, which contributes to my promotion of him, lol.