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Thursday, November 05, 2009

What Me Worry?

Let's be honest....the loss to Lemoyne on Tuesday night doesn't mean anything. At least the result doesn't mean anything. There were no wins and losses handed out. Just the embarrassment of being the lead story on Sportscenter.

But it still isn't an I don't care moment.

Because it signifies that maybe this team isn't very good. Maybe they won't get back to the levels they were at last season.

That maybe Jimmy B can't pull another rabbit out of a hat and have a great year after such huge losses from the team the year before.

Fact of the matter is, I didn't watch the game. Thank you Miley Cyrus. I was in DC with the family for the pop superstar's tour. I sat right behind the bench where Syracuse will sit later this year. That is as close as I got to thinking about the Orange. And the truth be told, I was more thinking it was the Mount's bench.

I didn't bother to record the game on my #1 TV. Didn't bother to even give it a thought. I'm sure my backup TV picked it up as it is set to tape all things Orange. But I didn't even check. Losses to DII programs make watching a replay not so desireable.

Still, I was hoping that Syracuse would get more out of the game, then what came from the Sunday afternoon snoozer against CSLA the week before. I'm guessing that likely happened. I'm guessing that taking Albany or maybe even Robert Morris lightly next week is now out of the question. Or at least I hope so.

I don't think that this is a sky is falling moment. I don't think that this is going to be a bad Syracuse team.

It is what it is. It's an exhibition loss. An embarrassing one. But not an RPI breaker. That would happen if they lost next week. And actually Robert Morris and Albany will probably both end up with respectable numbers. But losses there would be significant come the end of the season. The loss to Lemoyne was not.

I've realized in my time as an Orange fan, that it really is only worth getting upset about one loss a year. Last year it was the Oklahoma loss.

So losses to Lemoyne don't really disturb me. Let's wait and see what we get against Albany and Robert Morris before we start jumping off buildings.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Syracuse Opener: Thoughts as it plays out

6:30PM: Naturally I turned the game at 6:30 and there was still a game on ESPNU spilling over. At first I was upset. Then I saw it was Duke getting upset. Rhode Island led Duke by three with just over two to play. Kyle Singler cut it to one with a reverse layup and then after a Jim Baron miss he hit a pair of free throws to give them the lead with just under a minute to go. Then URI got an offensive rebound with 33.1 seconds and Delroy James made two free throws to give the Rams the lead. Singler came back the other way, spun in the lane, James smacked it away and they called a foul. Singler made the first to tie it, and the second to take the lead. URI called time out with 10.6 seconds left trailing by one. Jimmy Baron has led the Rams by making 8-of-9 threes today. And then Duke called timeout after seeing the Rhode set.

The SU women won 68-28 today at Maryland-Eastern Shore.

And Rhode Island came out of the second timeout ready to go. Duke leads 80-79, they need to try to keep the ball from Baron. Singler guards Baron. An airball from Baron and out of bounds off of URI. Singler actually partially blocked the shot, but it hit a Ram underneath. Too bad they didn't catch it. They in bounds to Scheyer and he got fouled. But he's 11-11 from the line today. Sounds like he is supposed to miss. Well he hit the rim, but it fell in. 81-79 and a timeout from Rhode Island. Think they are holding the tip at the Dome. I doubt it.

Duke should foul to keep Rhode from getting the three off. They'll likely need it if Scheyer makes the free throw. He has 22 points today. He made it. Baron missed a halfcourt shot - thought he could have gotten closer. He shot it with 2 seconds left. Could have gotten closer to the arc. But it didn't matter and Duke survived. Good finish. Ok how bout the Dome.

6:46PM: Yep no holding the game at the Dome and the Orange leads 13-2. Well wasn't that fun.

6:47PM: Big news on campus today is that Greg Robinson got fired. Well not that he got fired. But that it was announced today. The Orange just gave up an inside dunk and Boeheim is upset with Andy Rautins and he called timeout.

6:50PM: My daughter wants to know what Boeheim's major in college was? Anybody know? Not a lot of flow to this game since the coverage brought us here. Another timeout right now. I've liked what I've seen from Kris Joseph early but its still way too early to tell. Rautins looks ok, but Devendorf looks hesitant on the knee.

7:00PM: Another TV timeout. It's a 21-6 lead with under 8 to play in the first half. There was one nice fast break that stretch with Flynn making a nice pass to Joseph for the finish. But the whole situation is pretty flat right now. Dave Ryan, who is calling the game for the U, just said Lemoyne has produced six major league baseball players. I knew Jim DeShaies was one of them, but I had to look up the other five. Maybe I forgot Tom Browning, but the other four you've probably never heard of. Three more pitchers. Scott Cassidy, Peter Hoy and Jon Ratliff. The only position player Jim Wessinger, got 10 At-Bats in 1979.

7:08PM: A little more intensity and excitement in that burst. Orinze got a dunk inside. But Lemoyne is clearly overmatched and the early lead the Orange ran off, 13 points at the start, haven't taken away any suspense. It's 30-12 with just under four left in the first half. But its good that the season is underway.

7:13PM: I don't know his name. But #34 can dunk for Lemoyne. Rautins made another three. Good to see him back and playing. He's got eight points now. It's really hard to imagine that the Dome can be this quiet. It's halftime and its 38-19. I think I'll be back for the second half.